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Christmas market

BAND-lab PhDs getting a drink after a visit at the Maastricht’s Christmas market.

SAMBA 2022

Sonja enjoying a nice hike with friends after giving a talk at SAMBA.

Annual Meeting, SIPF 2022

Sonja enjoying dinner with colleagues and friends after giving a talk at the Annual Meeting of SIPF 2022.

BioPac workshop in Nijmegen

Antonio and Michael attended a workshop organized by BioPac at Randbound University, in Nijmegen. In the pic, testing a mobile eye-tracking device.

Research day 2022

HannaXanthatePia and Antonio are presenting
their work during the Research day of the
Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology Department,
Maastricht University. 

Research day 2022

HannaXanthate and Pia chilling after their talks.

Dinner time

Home-made tagliatelle (and Aperol Spritz).
Good having Italians on board!

Christmas time

Dinner time

Home-made gnocchi ‘alla sorrentina’.
Italians supervising..

BAND waves

And Xan phase-resetting

Symposium at the MPI Nijmegen

Sonja and Antonio with colleagues / friends at the “Rhythm, music, and animal communication” symposium in Nijmegen.

MSc Graduation Ceremony

Sonja handing out MSc degrees at this year’s graduation of the Master’s in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, specialization Neuropsychology.

IIT Genova

Sonja with IIT collaborator Agnieszka Wykowska and team, just about to play a serious social tapping game with ICub.

New research line

Antonio is testing a new mobile EEG for its
research line on body-brain interactions.

New projects!

Michael trying the set up for new studies: mobile EEG in a virtual reality (VR) environment.

NP&PP Research day 2022

 XanthatePia enjoying lunch break at Castle Vaeshartelt.

Research day 2022

Antonio co-organized the event, which was themed
‘Past, Present, Future’. Sonja guided reflections on
research, education and department interactions.

Christmas cookies

Christmas time

Christmas dinner

Combined meeting with
Brain & Language group