The BAND-Lab offers many student internships on a broad set of topics.
With us, past students have conducted Master and Bachelor thesis projects and Research Master elective studies.

If you are interested in joining us, please have a look at our current internships, or check the university webpage for active postings for projects in our lab. [See full list of PAST INTERNSHIPS here]

Current Interns:

Maike Mußmann​ (BA Biomedical Sciences – Internship)
  • PROJECT: “Ethnical differences in auditory emotion perception”
  • TOPICS/SKILLS: Behavioural survey analysis, Emotion perception (effects of ethnicity on the perception of arousal and valence of emotion)
  • SUPERVISORS: Xanthate Duggirala and Sonja Kotz

Molly Forde-Bates (MSc Neuropsychology – Thesis Project)
  • PROJECT: “Are you even listening? Perception of the interaction between emotion and sex from prosodic vocalizations”
  • SUPERVISORS: Xanthate Duggirala and Sonja Kotz

Maxine Marchidan (MSc Neuropsychology – Thesis Project)

Hanna Honcamp (RMSc Neuropsychology – Thesis Project)
  • PROJECT: “A Hidden Semi-Markov Model for the assessment of abnormal brain state dynamics in hallucination-prone individuals”
  • TOPICS/SKILLS:Auditory verbal hallucinations (AVH), EEG resting state, dynamic network connectivity
  • SUPERVISORS: Xanthate Duggirala and Sonja Kotz

Kobus Lample (MSc Neuropsychology – Thesis Project)
  • PROJECT: NERHYMUS – The NEurobiology of RHYthm: effects of MUSical expertise on natural speech comprehension”
  • TOPICS/SKILLS: TMS, Concurrent EEG-TMS, EEG data analysis
  • SUPERVISORS: Katerina Kandylaki

Simone Klinkhammer (RMSc Neuropsychology – Thesis Project)
  • PROJECT: “x”

Jenni Vuorinen (RMSc Neuropsychology – Thesis Project)

Past Interns