Do you hear what I hear?

The pint of science festival takes place from 9-11 May. You will find interesting talks in different locations. If you have difficulties to decide to which event you want to go, we can recommend the first session on Monday 9th at The student Hotel Maastricht. During the session ‘Do you hear what I hear?’ Xan Duggirala, Pia Brinkmann and Jana Devos will present interesting facts about hearing, auditory hallucinations and tinnitus.

The link for the event is here.

The link to the session ‘Do you hear what I hear?’ is here.

Left motor delta oscillations reflect asynchrony detection in multisensory speech perception (New paper by former BANDLAB members E. Biau & B. Schultz)

Read how Biau and colleagues manipulated audio-visual asynchrony detection and their results that read like this:

‘Results confirm (i) that participants accurately detected audio-visual asynchrony, and (ii) increased delta power in the left motor cortex in response to audio-visual asynchrony. The difference of delta power between asynchronous and synchronous conditions predicted behavioural performance, and (iii) decreased delta-beta coupling in the left motor cortex when listeners could not accurately map visual and auditory prosodies. Finally, both behavioural and neurophysiological evidence was altered when a speaker’s face was degraded by a visual mask.’

Those results suggest that asynchrony detection of audio-visual stimuli in speech is supported by left motor delta oscillations!

Read more here:

New paper alert! Dysfunctional Timing in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: Co-occurrence of Cognitive, Motor and Perceptual Deficits

This paper sheds some light on how timing abilities across perception and production domains are affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI). Functional impairments were found in TBI patients for cognitive processing speed and perceptual timing, which extended to motor timing.

Find out more here: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.731898