Growing Up in Science – talk by labdirector Sonja Kotz

Our labdirector Sonja Kotz gave an interview about Growing Up in science during a student session. The interview was led by Esti Blanco-Elorrieta, SNL Student/Postdoc Representative and has been recorded. The recording is available through January 2021 on the SNL webpage, after log in.

The next SNL annual meeting will take place in Brisbane, Australia.

Poster presentation at SNL by Alex Emmendorfer

Alex presented her poster on ‘Atypical processing of phonotactic probability and syllable stress in dyslexic adults: an MMN study’ at the Societey for the Neurobiology of Language. Here you can see her poster:

Or download it in a better quality here:

As the conference was virtual, we are happy to share the recorded poster presentation, which can be downloaded using the link below.

“Understanding Language”

Exciting news, BANDlab’s Katerina Kandylaki is giving a lecture in the online lecture series “Understanding Language” organised by Studium Generale.

Her talk will be titled ‘Rhythm in Speech and Language Processing’

More information about the online lecture series in November and registration here. The lecture will also be recorded and available online after the event.

New paper: Cerebellar circuitry and auditory verbal hallucinations: An integrative synthesis and perspective

New paper from our lab in collaboation with Ana P. Pinheiro, Michael Schwartze and Sonja A. Kotz!

Why do some people hear voices? In the review, the authors propose that auditory verbal hallucinations (AVHs) are associated to changes in the cerebellar cicuitry in the forward model. In short, the reviewed evidence suggests that erratic predictions of sound and voice production are linked to impaired cerebellar function.

Curious? Read the full paper here:

We are open!

We are still happily zooming and enjoying the virtual lab meetings!

Since the beginning of the pandemic we are working from home. After the initial lock down, testing sites are slowly starting to open up, while following strict safety protocols.

Now, meetings are held online and going to the office is only possible when necessary. Most likely, a lot of labs around the world experience something similar right now. What are your approaches to stay focused and to keep contact with your team? Some of us started to do virtual working sessions (coffee breaks included).

Stay safe and healthy everyone!