ARTICLE: ERPs reveal an iconic relation between sublexical phonology and affective meaning [10.06.2022]
ARTICLE: Uncovering hidden resting state dynamics: A new perspective on auditory verbal hallucinations [09.06.2022]


EVENT: Pint of Science9 -11 May #pint22 [28.04.2022]


ARTICLE: Prediction in the aging brain: Merging cognitive, neurlogical, and evolutionary perspectives [28.04.2022]


PROJECT: The BAND-lab at the Max Planck Institute: Antonio is visiting Molly J. Henry’s lab in Frankfurt [12.04.2022] 
ARTICLE: Identifying a brain network for musical rhythm: A functional neuroimaging meta-analysis and systematic review [21.03.2022]
TALK: PhD students Xanthate and Pia pitch their projects at the Women Researchers’ Festival [21.02.2022]
ARTICLE: Cortical thickness in default mode network hubs corrrelates with clinical features of dissociative seizures [17.02.2022]
ARTICLE: Overt Oculomotor Behavior Reveals Covert Temporal Predictions [11.02.2022]
ARTICLE: EMOSEX – Emotion prevails over sex during implicit judgement of faces. [09.02.2022]
ARTICLE: Left motor delta oscillations reflect asynchrony detection in multisensory speech perception (New paper by former BANDLAB members E. Biau & B. Schultz) [08.02.2022]


ARTICLE: Dysfunctional Timing in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: Co-occurrence of Cognitive, Motor and Perceptual Deficits [25.11.2021]


ARTICLE: About time: Ageing influences neural markers of temporal predictability [02.07.2021]


TALK: Talk by Sonja on “Cerebellar circuitry and the timing of (sensori-)motor behavior” [16.06.2021]
TALK: Talk by Sonja on “Timing and Prediction in Audition” [14.06.2021]
INTERVIEW: Beziehungsweise – Kunst trifft Wissenschaft (German) [02.06.2021]
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ARTICLE: Auditory thalamus dysfunction and pathophysiology in tinnitus: a predictive network hypothesis [03.05.2021]
INTERVIEW: UM student ambassador extramile_jenny interviewed Sonja Kotz [04.03.2021]
ARTICLE: The representational Dynamics of Perceived Voice Emotions Evolve from Categories to Dimensions [22.02.22]


TALK: Talk by Sonja Kotz – Women in Neuroscience [28.01.21]


TALK: Talk at SNL by lab director Sonja Kotz [23.10.20]
POSTER: Poster presentation at SNL by Alex Emmendorfer [02.11.20]
EVENT: Understanding language – talk by Katerina Kandylaki [30.11.20]


ARTICLE: Cerebellar circuitry and auditory verbal hallucinations [07.10.20]


ARTICLE: ERP mismatch response to phonological and temporal regularities in speech [19.07.20]
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EVENTSchool workshop: Vragen stellen aan het brein [19.07.19]


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Breaking Research: How the vocal tract changes when speaking and singing [18.05.17]


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