Past Interns

Jennifer Birchen (MSc student)

Research Topics: Member of the research project about ´How music moves us´. Synchronization effects of auditory and visual stimuli on the motor system on healthy people. Music perception.  Implications for clinical movement cueing rehabilitation techniques for Parkinson´s disease patients.

Supervisors: Benjamin Schultz and Sonja Kotz


Oliver Bradley (BSc student)

Research Topics: Electrophysiology of auditory temporal processing

Supervisors: Michael Schwartze


Marina Tamargo Cuadros (MSc student)

Research Topics: Salience of sound, interplay of acoustic factors (pitch, rhythm, intensity) to rise the salience perception

Supervisors: Benjamin Schultz and Sonja Kotz


Nofar Ben Itzhak (MSc student)

Research Topics: Motor rehabilitation in Parkinson’s Disease; neuropsychological disorders in children. Neuroimaging.

Supervisors: Benjamin Schultz and Sonja Kotz


Miquel Jansen (MSc student)

Research Topics: Emotion recognition and reproduction

Supervisors: Michael Schwartze, Benjamin Schultz, and Sonja Kotz


Violtsa Malo (MSc student)

Research Topics: Perception and production of motor and auditory sequences

Supervisors: Michael Schwartze and Sonja Kotz


Diego Marquez (MSc student)

Research Topics: Salience of features in auditory stimuli

Supervisors: Benjamin Schultz and Sonja Kotz


Reine Ramaekers (BSc student)

Research Topics: Emotional expression in Jazz improvisation

Supervisors: Benjamin Schultz and Sonja Kotz


Almuth Rosenow (MSc student)

Research Topics: Healthy ageing

Supervisors: Rachel Brown and Sonja Kotz


Winson Yang (MSc student)

Research Topics: Parkinson’s Disease and related disorders, Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment, emotion and cognition in aging

Supervisors: Sonja Kotz, Michael Schwartze, and Benjamin Schultz